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Foam mattress consisted from high quality foam materials that offer uniform distribution and support. Manufactured in zones with special cuts that allow ventilation and aid in the creation of anatomy in the mattress. Foam mattresses also absorb vibrations.


Equipped with aloe vera casing, alla fabrics are comfortable and have the right elasticity to follow body curves while moving on the bed with out limiting the characteristics and abilities of foam.


Detachable with zip and washable with oekotex standard 100 fabric certification.


All used materials are certified and harmless for human organism.


All mattresses are manufactured upon order in the below dimensions:

(deviation +/- 1 cm due to manufacturing with natural resources)

200*90*21    &   200*90*17

200*110*21   &   200*110*17

200*140*21   &  200*140*17

200*150*21   &  200*150*17

200*160*21   &  200*160*17

200*180*21   &  200*180*17

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